Sex. Love & Wanderlust.


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"I don't believe in fairytales, but I believe in you & me"

Sydney, Australia.
Graphic Design Student.
Serious case of Wanderlust.

{ Coffee & Tea. Pretty cups. Concerts & Festivals. Horror Movies. Jurassic Park. Star Wars. Photoshoots. Music. Parkway Drive. Friends & Family. Books. Candles. Lava Lamps.Glow Sticks.Incense. Wolves. Dan Mumford. Medusa. Babies. Tattoos. Sleeping with the fan on. Pretty Nails. Listening & Watching Rain.Piercings. Jewellery. Coloured Hair. Flannos. Cute Dresses. Spikes. Cats. Long Drives & Road trips. Lace & Lingerie. Camping. Travel. China. Buddha & Temples. Jagerbombs , Baileys & Cocktails. Dancing & Ballet. Heels & Boots. Showers & The Ocean. Deep conversations. Spooning & Cuddles. Sweet kisses & Hot Sex. }